Conveyance Inspection Services

“The excellent safety record of elevators, escalators and related equipment has been maintained, in part, by quality field inspections and tests.” ASME QEI-1-2018

Safety codes and standards are intended to enhance public health and safety. The quality of inspections, of course, depends on the competence of the inspector. All Qualified Elevator Inspectors must meet minimum requirements, personal and professional pride is the driving force that propels BRS USA INDUSTRIES Elevator Inspection Services Inspectors to a cut above the rest. Our Inspectors top priority is Safety. That priority is perpetuated through BRS USA INDUSTRIES goal of ” Do The Right Thing ” philosophy in everything we do. 

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Perform Acceptance Inspections and Witnessing Tests to determine whether all parts of the installation conform to the requirements of the applicable code or regulations and whether the required safety devices function as required.

Perform Routine and Periodic Inspections and Witnessing Tests of existing installations to determine that the equipment is in apparent safe operating condition, has not been altered except in conformity to the applicable code or regulations, and performs in accordance with test requirements.

Report the results of the inspection and testing in accordance with the appropriate administrative procedures.

Equipment Serviced





  • Freight Elevators
  • Inclined Elevators
  • Sidewalk Elevators
  • Passenger Elevators
  • Private Residence Elevators
  • Special-purpose Personnel Elevators
  • Personnel Hoists and Employee Elevators
  • Dumbwaiters
  • Inclined and Vertical Wheelchair Lifts and Stairway Lifts
  • Escalators and Moving Walkways
  • Material Lifts and Dumbwaiters with automatic transfer device