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About Us

BRS USA INDUSTRIES is a company where personal and professional pride in fulfilling the needs of our customers and clients is paramount.

Every aspect of a customer or clients need is scrutinized by our team of professionals to evaluate whether BRS USA INDUSTRIES can provide the very best solutions and services.

Part of that evaluation is whether or not we can provide the best for our customers and clients, or if recommending a rival or competitor would be the best solution to our customer or client, that’s what we will do. Providing the best for our customers and clients is priority number one.

Our mission here at BRS USA INDUSTRIES is to promote personal pride in knowing whatever you do, you do it the best you possibly can. BRS USA INDUSTRIES is here to provide the very best for our customers and clients by always “Doing The Right Thing!”.

Conveyance Inspection

Biomolecular Engineering

Information Technology

Athletic Training

Servicing the Greater Chicagoland Area